After publishing my related a few people have asked:

Is it full of old people & men?!

I think this has a lot to do with the British media. It’s an illusion because they don’t report on real life naturism properly, as I am doing below, or…

Theme 5: Exploring the negative systemic side effects of authoritarianism

Themes 1–4 link heavily into rationales about protecting from harms.

, Cultural Psychologist, and Professor at University of Maryland, in her book called , she explains how perceived…

Theme 1: Moving on from , collating evidence and hypothesis development.

The Image above is from an article from professional triathlete Sarah Kim Bonner’s Blog
‘Why Its’ Good to be Naked in Public’

Dr. Keon West conducted the first research to measure the effect of taking part in…

Theme 4: Understanding alternative realities, and the utility of social control

Social control is a huge realm so I want to narrow the scope. The intention here is to cover agents and mechanisms of social influence, pressure, leverage, compliance, and punishment. It isn’t about state punitive power in the law…

Theme 3: Exploring Troll motives, and the root causes of fear.

“a sizeable segment of the liberal-left has decided that age gaps within relationships are inherently problematic”.

Ageism is a form of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. …

Theme 2: Body shame in the form of aversion to feminist porn

Some feminist journalists in the UK in the media and they have huge international coverage in the Guardian.

Recently I have been and I believe this…

Rob Hargreaves

A Project to Deconstruct Elements of Shame, Fear & Guilt.

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